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About ATC Metro

The Association of Tanzanian Community, Inc. (ATC), is a non-profit (501) (c) (3) community based organization established in the District of Columbia in 1990

Our primary purpose is to meet cultural, social, economics, and psychological needs of our immigrant community in the Washington Metropolitan area by providing many basic services and programs to our community.


ATC provides various programs including immigration, education, healthcare and counselling to both immigrants and the general public. ATC is intended to help newcomers, unemployed and low-income individuals who need counseling, assistance and referrals in their effort to achieve economic self-sufficiency, educational and social integration. In addition, ATC provides Swahili classes, youth programs and referral to other organizations.


ATC’s goals and objectives are determined and supervised by an active Board of Directors which is elected by community members within the Metropolitan Washington area. Programs are run by program coordinators on volunteer basis.


Since its inception in 1990 ATC Metro has provided services to many people and it has been supported mainly by fundraisings and individual donations.


The Mission of the Association is to unify the efforts of Tanzanians residing in the Washington Metropolitan area in promoting, advancing and protecting their interests and welfare; to assist members in times of need, and to promote cultural, educational, and commercial relations between Tanzania and the United States.

To promote programs that reflects the aspirations of Tanzanian American and to make positive contribution to our community.


Please download our constitution: Word (Swahili or English) or PDF (Swahili or English)


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