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Greetings from President

I would like to personally welcome you and extend my appreciation for your cooperation and concern towards the unity and development of Tanzanians here in DMV.

Our motto is 'Promoting Unity among Tanzanians in Washington DC, Maryland        and Virginia regardless of peoples' religions, political affiliations or genders.

      "In Tanzania, it was more than one hundred tribal units which lost their freedom; it was one nation that regained it"
                                                                 - Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

As the President of our Association, my main task, which extends to all members and the purpose of our Association, is:
- Seeing to the welfare of all Tanzanians in the DMV.
- Fostering a stronger relationship among Tanzanians in the DMV.
- Promoting mutual understanding and cooperation among Tanzanians in
  the DMV.
- Making sure our Association acts as the only representative body and   mouthpiece of members and people with interest in Tanzanian affairs.
- Dedicating ourselves to the unity, progress and strength of our   Association.
- Organizing and implementing social, cultural and educational activities that   meet the needs and interests of members.
- Working cooperatively with public and private agencies, businesses, and   community organizations through the exchange of ideas on issues of   interest to our members and the community.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of your Executive team or the Board as we remain committed to working in partnership with all of our Association members.

Iddi Sandaly, President

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